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What My Clients Are Saying

“Lynda helps me dream bigger and tackle every challenge or fear in my way. Before working with Lynda I had 3 clients and was highly undervaluing myself. In 8 months of working with her I gained 13 clients, tripled my rates (people are paying them) and have hired staff (something I would never have considered 9 months ago). Lynda is an extraordinary woman and a true coach!”

Amanda de Koning

“I love the live video challenge class! I'm not the type of person who likes talking to people I don't know. But, here I am doing this challenge! I love Lynda, she's such an amazing, uplifting person!! I love her encouraging words everyday. I am doing this challenge “Because I Can.” You should join!! I've learned so much from the other people in our group, too!”

Valerie Fain

“Lynda's positivity is energizing. She's definitely challenged me, and while doing so made me feel comfortable taking yet another step in growing personally and in my business. Every day Lynda adds something new of great value. She is motivating, and inspiring. She has brought together a great group in her Video Challenge, and we're all learning from one another.”

Andrea Horowitz

“Lynda has a giving heart. She is always helpful and positive. She brings out the best in people and is a matter-of-fact, always to the truth beautiful lady.”

Celeste Dugré

“Lynda exudes sunshine! She is a champion of people, wonderful causes and life. She puts on fun and magnificent events. I'm very lucky to know her.”

Jason Freeman

“Lynda is an amazing person, she is very authentic – full of energy and knowledge that she shares with others every day.”

Kristin Hannesdottir

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