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Facebook Communities Are Changing the World One Group at a Time

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Mark Zuckerberg Live From the Facebook Communities Summit in Chicago

You want to become a leader, but you don’t know where to start. Start here: Facebook Communities.

Facebook is VERY CLOSE to reaching 2 billion people in its community. Listen, your community might not become that big, but you don’t need to have a HUGE, or even global, community to make a tremendously positive impact in the world. But you do have to start somewhere, so why not start with the free platform whose mission is to “give people the power to build community to bring the world closer together” by empowering people with a way to do so.

Recently I heard the term “Micro Celebrity,” which means being a celebrity in your own niche or area of expertise. It made me realize that I can make a difference just by putting myself out there in a way that can impact some lives in a big way. The quantity isn’t what’s important because changing one life for the better is rewarding in and of itself.

My #1 goal in life is to spend the rest of my time here on earth having as much fun as possible and spending it with people who are positive and want to make a huge impact on the world. Facebook communities, i.e. groups, is one way I can do that.

I have created my fair share of groups on Facebook and it’s so exciting to see people come together for a common cause or to solve the same problem in their life. The beauty of leading a Facebook group is you get to bring to your tribe what they need in order to have what they want and are searching for. YOU are their solution.

If you have a solution, someone has the problem you need to solve. You can grow a community around that one problem and people will flock to you. But it will never happen if you never start.


First, as of June 2017, there are nearly 2 billion active users on Facebook. That’s 2/7 of the world’s population on Facebook. Why are people on Facebook? Because they yearn to belong to something bigger than themselves. Facebook is the “mega-connector” in the world and your “tribe” is there waiting for you to invite them to join you.

Most people who build groups genuinely want to build a connection with the people in their group AND they want to bring other people together.

As Mark Zuckerberg said Live from the Facebook Communities Summit in Chicago (watch his talk) on June 22, 2017, “Groups are formed by people who care enough to give other people a voice.” He went on to say, “Every day I wake up and I think to myself, ‘I don’t have much time here on earth. How can I make the greatest positive impact I can?’”

If you are like me, you have the same thoughts. Every day I think about how I am going to connect people with each other. I am what’s known as a“Connector.” If this is something you think about frequently, then you, too, are a Connector. Embrace it. You’re here to connect people with each other.

The fastest way you can do that is by creating your own Facebook Group and inviting people to join you. It’s time for you to give people a voice and help them connect.

By creating your own Facebook Group, you are working to bring the world closer together. How awesome is that? You can create a local group or a global group. The choice is yours.

I couldn’t agree more with Mark’s statement, “I believe people are basically good. The more connected we are, the happier and healthier we are.” I often say something similar to this, but sometimes am faced with resistance from skeptics. Heck, I get it. This world is harsh. There’s a lot of bad stuff going on. I’m not oblivious to it, but I am fortunate to have met so many world changers that I SEE that the future isn’t as bleak as it appears right now. There are more world changers out there than we see because they aren’t publicized as much as the alternative. World changing isn’t “sexy” news, so it’s not talked about. But whether it’s talked about or not, the world changers are going to keep doing what they do because they are driven by making an impact, not by being in the news. But I digress.

Now that you’ve decided to build your online Facebook community, what type of community are you going to build? What is your favorite thing to do? Do you know other people who do the same thing? Start with them and invite them into your group. By building a group, you are building a sense of community and giving your members purpose.

In closing, Mark’s talk ended with, “The power of Facebook Groups is the ability to give people a place to feel comfortable talking about something that they share with other people around the world. It is a safe haven to speak and be heard without fear of judgment.

“We all have the power to be leaders. If enough of us work to build community and bring people together, we just might change the world.”

Are you up for the challenge to be part of the change of this world as we know it? Every great community has great leaders. It’s time to step up to the plate and lead. You got this.

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