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Why BeLive is THE Live Video Platform to Use

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I don’t know about you, but I LOVE saving money, especially on products that help me advance my business. FREE is always the best, of course, but sometimes you gotta pay to get something that’s going to be fun, fast, easy and rock your world.

I LOVE jumping in on beta tester programs because I’ve always loved being ahead of the game when it comes to new technology. Dang, though! Technology is moving so fast nowadays that it’s hard to keep up (unless you make learning new technology your job — oooh, that sounds delish).

One huge advantage to being a beta tester is you get to learn all the goods and bads of a product as it’s being developed and then tell the company what tweaks you’d like to see them implement. Then when they implement one of your tweaks it’s, like, Hallelujah! They listened to me.

But, a beta tester program can’t be free forever. If they stayed free forever, they wouldn’t make any revenue and they would go out of business and then their amazing product wouldn’t be available anymore and then I would be very sad. So I can either 1) complain about them charging for their cool product, or 2) complain when they are gone, OR 3) choose to embrace the fact that they are providing a service that is going to help me grow my business in a way that was never available to me until NOW and gladly pay for the paid service!! I’ll opt for #3.

BeLive is the product I want to talk about today because it has truly been an amazing addition to the livestreaming world (especially on Facebook, which is, basically, the world domination platform).

First, I want to thank Facebook for giving regular people like you and me a chance to share our stories with the world and to be seen and heard.

You see, I grew up in an abusive home and my first marriage was to an abusive man, so I was scared for 51 years to voice my opinion for fear of being rejected, ridiculed or embarrassed. I’ve done 3,000++ videos in the last three years and 1,200++ of those have been via Facebook Live. You can read my story on my Facebook Page at Living Live With Lynda.

My live video days started the very first day they became available to the public (I’m a Droid, so it was several weeks after my “i” friends already went live) and I was jumping for joy when I was able to hit “Go Live.” My favorite part was the amount of time I was able to save by not having to record a video, download it to my computer, make some edits here or there, then upload to Facebook. It was so time-consuming. (Again, if you listen to my story you’l know why I’ve done so many videos.)

Then along came BeLive. Yikes! OMG! More squealing for joy.

A friend told me about BeLive so I checked it out. I started using it within 15 minutes of visiting their website. I signed up for an account, I watched their videos on their beta tester Facebook page and within 15 minutes, voila, I was LIVE on Facebook using BeLive. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was doing it. I jumped without a parachute, but one appeared once I put myself out there.

Why was I so excited to be using BeLive? OMG! Here is a list of what I was able to do using BeLive that I couldn’t do on Facebook Live.

Q&A — you could speak and see comments just like doing a Facebook Live. This was nothing new, but some of the added features were:

  1. (NEW) if people were making comments during my video I could show their comments on the screen along with their profile pic,
  2. (NEW) I could create an agenda to make sure I stayed on track (which was a difficult task for me at times — I have the entrepreneurial squirrel syndrome) PLUS I could share my agenda topics ON my screen so it kind of looked like I was on a news station,
  3. (NEW) I could put my name on the screen, and
  4. (NEW) I could put my web address on the screen.

Interview — I could actually bring a guest on my screen and interview them or showcase them in some way, thereby introducing them to my audience and me to their audience.

BUT BeLive didn’t stop there. During the beta test period they continued to ask their beta testers what additional features they wanted and they did their best to deliver. And BOY did they deliver.

On Monday, June 19, 2017, BeLive announced some new features AND they opened up their platform to anyone and everyone who wants to use it. This is such exciting news. I’m going to share with you a couple of the new features and I highly recommend you trying out their 14-day trial (disclaimer: as I write this, there is a 14-day trial that may no longer be in existence when you click the link).


Talk Show Feature — you can bring up to two guests on your Show OR do a screen share and do a webinar/PowerPoint presentation AND have guests waiting in the wings to come on to your Show. Yes, this is your Show. This is an opportunity for you to interview experts in your area of expertise. In addition, you can put your logo on your screen and select your branding colors. You can also pop up people’s comments on the screen and show your agenda topics, web address, etc. AND it’s user-friendly.

Here’s the deal, I am currently paying $55 a month for one product, which allows me to do a webinar/PowerPoint presentation, interview people and stream to Facebook or YouTube. That’s it. I am limited to those things.

BeLive is less expensive AND gives you so many more options. I could go on and on about how awesome BeLive is, but I won’t.

They conducted the beta test for close to a year to work out the bugs/details to get it right. They reached out to their testers to find out what they wanted and they delivered it. They will continue to add more value as time goes on.

My guess is that Facebook will add the same type of features, but why wait until then. Jump into BeLive and start your Show today.

Side note: there are other programs out there that do some of the same or similar things, but no program is as simple to use as BeLive and I was looking for a time saver, no learning curve, and simplicity.

Here’s a link to BeLive’s pricing plans. Trust me, you can’t go wrong.

I found out about BeLive, started using it and shouted it from the rooftops. I immediately shared BeLive with my Living Live Video Challenge group on Facebook and several of them jumped on it, too. Join us over there if you want to join a supportive, nonjudgmental, free video group.

Lynda West is the founder of Living Live. Living Live helps people become influencers and leaders in their area of expertise so they can make a much greater impact on the world.

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